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5th GOLD Symposium “Reflect, Renew and Reinvent: Driving Innovation through Inclusion”

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Frequently Asked Questions



What is GOLD?

The vision of GOLD is to develop global leaders and create business and civic communities that will utilize and appreciate individual talents regardless of background.

The mission of GOLD is to foster professional and leadership growth of current and future business and professional women by providing educational, inspirational and motivational activities and events that build "leadership bridges across the Pacific."

GOLD is a Nonprofit Incubator Project of Community Partners, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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Why does GOLD work in Japan and the U.S.?

The business and professional women sector has not benefited from relationship building although much exchange occurs in the government, corporate business and academic arenas.

The unique history and collaboration of the U.S. and Japan - as very close trade partners - makes their ongoing cooperation on all levels essential to the global economy. As GOLD builds a network, each program participant will become a part of it. The program will help business and professional women in the U.S. and Japan expand their network, and that will increase potential business opportunities and increase intercultural understanding.

In Japan, as more women enter the workforce, they face a critical period of growth and development. Many of them are interested in learning how U.S. business and professional women address issues of common concern. The program will provide opportunities for current and future business and professional women from Japan to learn about the diverse and dynamic business practices and cultures in the U.S.

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Why does GOLD think it's important to create a bridge between business and professional women in the U.S. and Japan through exchange programs and collaborations?

Without an international and multicultural outlook, business will become increasingly more difficult and ineffective. GOLD exists to build bridges in areas that have traditionally hampered international businesswomen connections. GOLD facilitates collaborations and exchanges among professional and business organizations, a sector of society that has participated less frequently in global networking.

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Who participates in GOLD programs?

Participants include current and future professional women who wish to expand their networks and strengthen their understanding of issues beyond national boundaries and realize the value of international collaboration.

At this time, GOLD's focus is on business and professional women in Japan and the U.S. In the future, GOLD will expand its focus to include both business and professional men and women, and widen its geographic service area.

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What will GOLD participants do?

  • Interact with diverse and dynamic individuals of all types

  • Participate in symposium/workshops and study tours that help them succeed and motivate them to clarify and achieve their goals

  • Become inspired by and learn from the experience of other women

  • Make meaningful connections with business and professional women in both the U.S and Japan

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